Meet Potato and Seneca!

Turtles were the closest pets to dogs that I was allowed to have, but I know I love them just the same ❤︎

Potato loves stretching out like Superman, and Seneca often is found dreamily looking out into the distance.

Although the tiny Asian pet shop we got them from claimed that Potato is a male, I’m pretty sure at this point that he is really a she – so these adorable little babies in shells are sisters, just like me and my own little sister!

I named Seneca after the Seneca Falls Convention (gotta love that historical event!) and Potato for the shape of her head – yes they were named for hugely different reasons.

Both took some time getting accustomed to their surroundings, but they’re now trained to take food directly from our fingers. It’s absolutely the cutest thing watching them beg like puppies for their favorite turtle pellets ♥

As of August, these red-eared sliders are approximately 1.3 inches each in length of their shells, from the heart-shaped dip from their heads to the end right before their tails start. Each fit right in the palm of my hand and seem to take pleasure in laying there as I change the water in their tank.



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