Walk Like A Pageant Girl

To be a pageant girl, the first thing you need to do is BE EXACTLY YOU. And no one else. You can have an inspirational figure, but remember to let your true self shine through!

But that’s just the corny stuff – moving on to how to walk, talk, and have the AURA of a pageant girl. The purpose is to not only practice your social skills, but to present yourself in a way that demonstrates your utmost polite, kind, intelligent, and ladylike persona.

Miss Taiwan World Competition 2014

Walking and Standing (with/without high heels)
1. Keeping your back straight at ALL times should be a given – not only is it healthier for your spine (no scoliosis!), but it also makes you appear more confident, intellectual, energized and regal.

2. To help you gauge how straight you should keep your back, here are TWO methods:

  • Stand up, and reach for the sky/ceiling/planets/stars/basically as high as you can while looking straight ahead. Very slowly bring your hands down to your sides as you maintain the position of your head and torso. And there you go! If it feels strange, that just means you normally slouch a bit (which is totally normal), but strive for the straightest back/shoulders in the world.
  • Locate the nearest wall/flat vertical surface and put your back to it. Your main focus should be touching your shoulders to the wall – and keep it that way as you walk away. It’s that simple!

3. However, the actual challenge is being able to do this in HEELS of preferably 5 inches minimum. After mastering the straight-back challenge, put on those suckers and put all your weight on the heels, not the balls, of your feet. Doing this lessens the pressure exerted on your knees and prevents the highly likely outcome of blisters/worse soreness.

4. Start walking, but take each step slowly and as normally as possible – keep your upper torso still as you sway your hips (yes it does help LOL trust) slightly with each step. Think runway model…but a little less flamboyant. You should not be lifting your knees more than you would walk normally – my trainer used to call it the “Drag Queen Walk,” and it looks more like you’re stomping around slightly – looks absolutely terrible if you can’t rock those heels.

5. Last thing to remember is to put the heel of your shoe down first with each step as you’d normally walk! The key thing is to make your shoes an extension of your foot itself. And walk slowly, but with purpose – everyone’s looking at you, you’re beautiful, and you’re a star 🌟💖



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