How I Made My Senior Year Fun



As a junior going into AP testing time, I was already mapping out my senior year – everything academic, extracurricular…and FUN.

Of course, I had a lot of factors to consider – my parents wouldn’t let me go out as often as my friends did, I was going to be 17 until my graduation, and I definitely still had an evening curfew for safety reasons.

So naturally the first thing on my senior year bucket list was “Go out with friends at least 6 times” HAHA. Man, was I excited to go out.

All in all, I made my bucket list at the end of junior year:

  1. Go out with friends at least 6 times
  2. Get driver’s license
  3. Start a blog and take more pictures
  4. Spend more time with the lil sis
  5. Learn guitar/other new instrument
  6. Sing and dance more!
  7. Go to every school and club dance and every event/activity
  8. Find a summer job before school starts

Needless to say, I did #3 (finally)! I also got the hookups with a graduating senior to work at Kumon for the summer, so YAY a bit of allowance money for the year. I managed to go to 2 of our 3 school dances (not Sadie’s haha) and got my license in November later that year too!! And thankfully, I was allowed to go out more after college app season was over, so it was an absolute 6+ times.

DSC_0319 (2)

Later during the year, I decided to join another club (I was already a part of seven, so this was a huge step for me because it meant a greater lack of the sleep I was already not getting)

But it was SO worth it – I was able to go compete in conferences for Future Business Leaders of America, where I spent a huge amount of time bonding with my close friends and simultaneously meet a bunch of new, super smart and cool people!

On New Year’s Eve, my dad took me to get my very first guitar – and I even got a ukulele for my 18th birthday in May from the best friend group in the world. Seriously, I really recommend learning a new instrument if you have the time for it, because it provided me with de-stressing time during my worse moments studying or worrying about college.

The highlight of my year…I honestly have to say that there really was no specific highlight, but that I simply enjoyed every moment to the fullest and embedded every little memory in my mind – from drinking a chocolate smoothie for the first time, to a Vegas family trip, to my prom date putting my corsage on for me.


And in the end, I will never regret anything I said or did during my four years of high school because it’s all in the past. All the friends I gained and lost, the dumb mistakes I made, the testing and emotional stress I had to endure were really…heavy (for lack of words) on me. But I think the most significant thing I did before graduation was that I accepted that what matters from here on out is what I do and who I am now.

Yet this was only how I managed the “fun” portion of my senior year – 1. Created a bucket list, 2. Enjoyed every moment, 3. Regretted nothing, and 4. Accepted graduation and the future.

I’ll be writing my next few blog posts on how I managed my extracurricular and academic activities next, so see you again soon ^.^



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