Freshman Orientation

Since my college orientationĀ was a later date (the earliest was June 2-3), I had already read through everyone else’s experiences and braced myself for the co-ed bathrooms in the units (YES, everyone on a floor shares the same showers, toilets, sinks, etc.) and notoriously revolting, moldy shower floors, along with supposedlyĀ soporificĀ presentationsĀ that made up for theĀ nights with no sleep.

And so in preparation for my freshman year,Ā I went up north from LA to register for classes at Cal Student Orientation (CalSO) on June 27-28.Ā ArrivingĀ on June 26 for pre-orientation accommodations of dinner and an extra night of stay, I wasĀ sorted into a triple dorm room in Unit 3.

IMG_1033 1
April 2016 in Sacramento

I met two super friendly people within half an hour – my first college friends!! I’ll call them AY, because AYY it was so exciting for me ^.^ AY and I went exploring campus, and throughout the next two days, I bonded with both AY and the rest of the people on my dorm floor (Floor 5 Squad!) – trading snapchats, Instagrams, Facebooks, etc.

Of course there were activitiesĀ such as hikes, a campus tour, college experience sharing, games and icebreakers, but I personally felt that I had a better time hanging outĀ with the friends I made initially.

In fact, I Ā was actually so exhausted from the mandatory meetings and icebreakers that I skipped a majority of the scheduled activities for myĀ orientation group (I felt bad about it but wanted to use the time to research classes for registration with my dormmates instead)

Sather Tower at UC Berkeley, June 2016

To wrap it all up, this is what I learned/discovered/was surprised by during orientation:

  1. The showersĀ for Cal were very possibly on the verge of growing green and red fuzz (no lie, BRING SHOWER SHOES/FLIP FLOPS/SANDALS)
  2. Orientation friends are up to you alone to decideĀ – don’t feel pressured to make friends because you’re bound to meet bunches during the school year anyway!
  3. Sleep may be practically impossible if your orientation is overnight/several nights long, even if you’re dead-exhausted like I was (slept at 1 am, woke at 4 am)
  4. Losing weight this year will probably be a good prospect for me personally since the ratio of food quality to the amount of walking is in favor of the latter
  5. Registering for classes is SO much easier if you do a lot of research on your school’s classes beforehand; even if you don’t get those classes, at least you know how the enrolling/waitlisting/dropping system works
  6. Workshops are what you make of them – I missed a couple because I took more time to register for classes, but from what I hear from friends, any of theĀ information can be found easily online so you won’t miss too much!
  7. Transitioning from high school to college was smooth for me only because I was prepared (asked 120384324 people about their experiences and found backup classes to my backup-backup-backup-backup-backup classes just in case, totally worth it)

Until next timeĀ šŸ˜˜



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