Feeding 101🍴

Potato trying to figure out if erasers are edible through the glass

Don’t worry, we don’t feed them erasers – but we do give them worms now and then as a treat and protein boost:

My sister dangling a worm for them to eat!!
Almost impossible to get a clear picture because they snap it up so fast HAHA

Both turtles are still as healthy as ever, and usually just love eating their Wardley reptile sticks as a daily meal – it has all the necessary nutrients for them to thrive, but we’re slowly introducing them to veggies for their health!

Seneca biting a reptile stick out of my sister’s hand. Sorry for the bad quality – she was too fast!

We feed them daily with one portion of reptile sticks each the size of their heads, respectively (about 4-5 sticks each + a treat of worms or fresh greens)

We’re making this blue tank their feeding tank – see my next post about them chilling in their brand new bigger glass tank!




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