Pokémon GO Guide

If you’re just starting out, will play soon from peer pressure, etc, I hope this will be of help to you: a compiled journal down below of everything I’ve learned until today! Downloaded Pokémon GO a day after it was released, and here I am now today as a Level 17 PokéNerd and #TeamMystic (GO BLUES!)

Did I LURE you to my blog  😃


Leveling Up/Getting XP:
1. At Level 9, you should get your very first Lucky Egg. Save these valuable items – you’ll really love them for later to level up quickly.
2. The ideal time to use your Lucky Egg would be somewhere around level 13-15. At this time, if you haven’t used any of the special items you should have at least 2 Lucky Eggs, 1 Incense, and 1 Lure Module.
3. Starting level 15, it’ll be more difficult to level up (15000 XP to reach next level) so spare a good 30 minutes near a PokéStop, activate it with your Lure, and use your Lucky Egg.
4. Save your evolutions for when you’re using your Lucky Egg too! I leveled up two levels from doing so.
5. It’s a Pidgey world out there, collect as many as possible and don’t evolve them until you’re sure you have enough to level up a Pidgey through its two evolutions to a Pidgeot (62 candies total).
6. You can constantly beat the first Gym battle and escape/run from it for XP without your Pokémon draining so quickly
7. Downtown areas are your best bet for PokéStops and Lure modules galore


Catching Pokémon:
1. Easier if you turn off AR – while it’s fun to have the camera on, it wastes more time aiming and drains your phone’s battery life. It’s also better if you’re trying to hide the fact that you’re playing (i.e. during class or work, etc.)
2. Transfer out your weaker CP Pokémon after getting the same, but higher CP ones! Keeping them all will only waste space in your bag and you won’t be getting the candies that come with each of your transferred Pokémon.

My first Pikachu happy to see me

Evolving Pokémon:
1. Check how many evolutions a particular Pokémon has in the Pokédex! If it has a total of three evolutions, make sure of how many candies you need to evolve it from square one to its final form. This gets maximum XP!
2. Eevee Evolution: If you’re deciding on evolving your Eevee, name it “Rainer” for a Vaporeon, “Sparky” for a Jolteon, or “Pyro” for a Flareon. EXACT spelling and capitalization! Guaranteed results if you name it, save it, close the app, wait a few seconds and then go in to evolve your Eevee.
3. Save evolutions (and therefore candy) for when you’re almost about to level up, or when you have a Lucky Egg to use!
4. Individual Value (IV) is the hidden potential of an individual Pokémon. While CP does play a significant role, IV represents the hidden stats that determine a Pokémon’s attack, stamina, and defense levels – two Pokémon of the same CP/level could still have one of them stronger than the other. As of now, it is impossible to calculate exact values in the game, but experimenting with CP and their max levels can help you create the best team of Pokémon.


Gym Battles:
1. Add a Pokémon ASAP to a gym if a gym falls and then rises as the color of your own team – then go to “Shop” and collect your coins at the very top right for being one of the Gym Leaders! (Renewable every 21 hours)
2. If you feel your team’s gym will fall soon, feel free to add a low CP Pokémon (like a CP 10 Magikarp hehe) because you can still get your coins and your other more valuable Pokémon will still be available for battle!
3. Yes, water beats fire – get those high CP water Pokémon out against that Arcanine or Rapidash!
4. Friends can help you battle a gym – whoever is the higher level becomes the highest Gym Leader according to CP – and their Pokémon will show up in the background of your own battle.
5. You can dodge opponent attacks by swiping your Pokémon left or right!!

Melflame #blue

Hatching Eggs:
1. Eggs should be hatched in the order of: 2 km, 10 km, 5 km because getting rid of the 2 km eggs will free up inventory for potential 10 km eggs! 5 km eggs usually yield very meh Pokémon and are thus not very valuable.
2. If you’re in a car (DON’T CATCH AND DRIVE), leave the app open and it should still register the distances during which you’re under 10 or 15 mph. I personally like playing while on a bus – it’s usually slow enough to register as part of your walking distance/hatch progress!

Pokémon CP:
1. Your CP is calculated according to the level you are at – the higher your level, the more CP the Pokémon will be able to gain (but the less valuable it will become if it has lower CP!)
2. Do not power up your Pokémon UNLESS it’s one with no other evolution and its CP is almost completely filled. It won’t be worth it to use your Stardust and Candies otherwise, because you may catch another higher CP Pokémon later on.


1. Niantic, the Pokémon Company, is rumored to enable trading Pokémon/items someday (hopefully soon!) Looking forward to that haha

And last of all, THIS GUIDE that I found online from a friend:

How to Locate a Pokémon

Hope this helps – leave any questions/comments/Pokémon if you have any down below!



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