What to Say to Makeup

After many of my own experiences and a number of my friends’ sad grievances, I thought I’d blog this week about the perfect way to react to someone wearing makeup.

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Since I went from zero-makeup-barefaced me to using cosmetics (just eyeliner) late last school year, I immediately learned there were three types of people:

1. The makeup downer: “You don’t need makeup, don’t put it on”
2. The makeup enthusiast: “I think you look better with makeup”
3. The you-do-you: “You look gorgeous/attractive/hot either way”

 And while there are good intentions all around in each of these statements, I feel #1 and #2 can actually be quite hurtful.


The Breakdown

The makeup downer (#1) attempts to compliment the person’s natural beauty, but the problem is that it implies that he/she can’t rock makeup and should please others by not trying something he/she desires to do.

The makeup enthusiast (#2) attempts to compliment the person’s makeup expertise and present beauty – but implies that he/she is significantly less attractive without cosmetics.

The you-do-you (#3) simply combines the best of both #1 and #2 and makes most people feel all-around happy.

All in all however, makeup is for everyone – and anyone – to experiment and have fun with; it is not for appeasing others but for pleasing ourselves. I think of it as a type of art and a great skill, because it’s wonderful to feel good with or without makeup! But if you have to be a critic, just be a you-do-you and tell people they’re beautiful either way.

See you soon,
Melanie 🙌


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