Moving Out: Dorm Essentials

With my college move-in date on 8/20, I’ve been squirreling away my belongings into a corner of my room since graduation in May (never too early to start packing!) – from running shoes to extension cords and chargers, even my uke!

Now that I’m supposed to move out of my home for the next four years (or more), I’m reflecting on everything from my past eighteen years of life: how very grateful I am for my family’s contributions, my friends’ support, and every prior hindrance that has since strengthened me.

SO with that thought in mind, here’s a list of everything I’m bringing to my first year of college!

Had this cute bear cupcake, wanted to put this in here too 💕
  • Essentials
    • Twin Duvet Comforter (Blanket) + Pillow + Twin XL Bedsheets
    • Laptop, phone, chargers, external hard drives and extension cords
    • A mini-fan for when it gets unbearably hot (Go Bears!!)
    • Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, razor, shampoo, conditioner
    • Makeup & remover, feminine hygiene products, hairbrush
    • Hair and nail care supplies (clips, hairties, etc)
    • 1 pair of running shoes, 1 pair of ‘special occasion’ heels, 1 pair of business heels, 1 pair of business flats, 4 pairs of boots for any occasion, 1 pair of flip flops/shower shoes
    • Clothing: (1) business, (2) everyday, (3) formal, (4) “at-home-and-chill” (5) sports and exercise
    • Pens, #2 pencils, lined paper, printer paper, notebooks, backpack
    • Cleaning counter wipes, toilet paper, tissue boxes, plastic bags/trash bags
    • Huge jackets because I heard northern California isn’t winter friendly
    • Alarm clock, desk lamp, clothes hangers
    • Laundry detergent (HE), laundry bags, laundry basket, big & small towels
    • Painkillers, allergy medicine, vitamins, melatonin
    • Storage bins, containers, water bottle(s), umbrella
    • Cardboard boxes + 1 suitcase for trips home on breaks
    • Family
  • Optionals
    • A box of memories (pictures, souvenirs, etc I’ve collected throughout school)
    • All jewelry and my favorite stuffed animals
    • High school yearbook and graduation gifts from friends
    • Guitar and ukulele + their accessories (cases, picks, etc)
    • Fitbit for exercise/sleep quality, Jam speaker for jammin’
    • Pillows of various shapes and sizes just for comfort/decor
    • Decorations for room (check what’s allowed or not allowed for your school)
    • Passport, some form of ID
ty to one of my best friends/sister Yvonne ily 💖

Remember to pack light, and research for nearby stores (Walmart/Target/Costco) to buy other essentials that you may not have the space to bring; I’m doing that for the heavier and bulkier items such as laundry detergent, storage bins, etc.

 What’s different from my first dorm experience is that my roommate is one of my best friends and someone I’ve known since elementary school, so we’re already prepared to handle any situation that comes our way! We’ve established rules (i.e. don’t bring people over, keep room temperature at 70°, etc) so I’d recommend doing that with your roomies for mutual understanding and fewer conflicts! Good luck to all of you who already know or will get to know your future roommates ^.^

I’m so excited to continue my education and hopefully this list helps you with your college packing as well. Will be writing again soon…from a new home!



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