An Australian jewelry/accessory brand, ThePeachBox has the most amazing collection of watches and accessories. From a diverse array of Marc Bale watches and ThePeachBox bangles, I received these gorgeous pieces within 10 business days:

Left: Marc Bale Rose Gold Crystal Mesh Timepiece; Right: ThePeachBox Gold Roman Empress Bangle

The watch is a gorgeous color, and just as pretty in real life as it is in the pictures! I’ve been wearing the watch a lot during my first days here at college – not only does it look super chic and go well with almost any outfit, but its clock face is big enough for checking the time more easily.


I’ve been super obsessed with pairing the two together – the gold Roman Empress bangle and rose gold watch fit together so perfectly, and I’m definitely in love with the adjustable strap on the watch as well!!

For more pictures, here’s a gallery down below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And check them out at – meanwhile, I’ll still be browsing their website for more gorgeous products! They sell everything from necklaces to rings to bangles and different timepieces for both men and women. I absolutely LOVE ThePeachBox!



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