Advice to Freshmen

As an eighth grader, I remember how much everyone looked down upon the sixth graders. As a high school senior, I remember how my classmates were annoyed by the freshmen.

And now at the bottom of the hierarchy as a freshman once more, I sought advice that would make me seem less like a newbie – asking college students, alumni, teachers, and faculty about their recommendations in excelling both socially and academically during the first year.


Social Behavior:

1. Do not wear high school or college attire on campus (apparently a surefire way to spot a freshman and there are people who will be condescending as a result – which is really mean – but it actually happens)

2. Put those college-provided lanyards/bags/free things away – especially the freshman lanyard with ID and/or key attached (I love my cute little Cal lanyard but I guess I’ll be keeping it in my backpack out of sight)

3. Your constant snapchats of the squirrels on campus are another huge indicator of freshman status

4. Don’t bother upperclassmen about where the parties are at – it will only make them irritated and not want to tell you LOL

5. Join and quit as many activities/organizations as you’d like! You don’t need to stick to something for four years if you don’t like it, and many people often join or quit activities after a semester/quarter or two.


1. Finals week will be tough, and that’s an understatement. You will fall over with both mental and physical exhaustion, questioning why you ever chose to give up all your money for the sake of another four years of self-inflicted torture.

2. Google Calendar will be the most useful thing, next to a personal schedule planner.

3. Work hard, play hard because there will most definitely be all-nighters to study or work on papers, and you’ll need to party all that stress away afterward.

4. Study consistently and do not procrastinate because whatever you did to wave away those high school classes won’t work at the college level. Preview and review!


Things to Keep in Mind:

1. Focus on the problems you want to solve in the community/society. Grasp the resources you need (faculty/professors/friends/professionals) to assist you in doing so.

2. Do not judge someone on the basis of his or her appearance, acceptance, major, or academic standing. Everyone is at the same school and belongs there for a reason, whether you’re aware of it or not. And the same goes for you as well! No one is ‘smarter’ or ‘better’ than you just because he or she may have a supposedly ‘harder’ major or classes.

3. Do not restrict yourself from joining things like Greek life because of prior stereotypes you’ve heard (find out for yourself if you like something and don’t let what you’ve heard from other people dictate that for you)

I want to allow others the chance to get to know me as a person before they discover I’m a freshie and start judging (not that there’s anything wrong with being one since we were all freshmen once HAHA), and these alumni-approved rules seem to be the perfect way to do so. Remember that there are always completely nice upperclassmen, and that there should always be mutual respect. Most of all, stay safe, be happy, and enjoy the newfound freedom – we’re the babies in the school! Good luck fellow first-years!!

P.S. Doing laundry for the first time was a mishap/adventure so stay tuned for the next blog 😅



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