Laundry Day

A week ago, I learned that textbooks may be heavy, but that a gallon of Tide and hamper of dirty clothes are way heavier. The first time doing laundry all by myself was an exciting adventure! And the best part is that I only managed to shrink a few sweaters, turn a few white towels a strange shade of baby blue, and somehow find someone else’s pair of (hopefully clean) socks.

So if you’ve never done laundry before by yourself, my best piece of advice is to read the instructions before beginning. I just jumped right in after paying my $1.50 washer fee, so I didn’t even realize until the rinse cycle was almost done that I hadn’t put detergent in!! (Apparently that was step one.)


After dumping a cup of Tide in and another five minutes had passed, I realized that I had poured the detergent into the bleach and not the detergent compartment. (What this does is that anything in the bleach compartment goes into the cycle last LOL.) So there I was, trying to scoop and transfer the sticky blue gross stuff out into the right box with my bare hands, while the machine kept washing it away and both my roommate and I couldn’t stop laugh-crying about it all 😭

Left: Bleach, Right: Detergent

I somehow managed to get through it, and the damp clothes came out sort-of okay, so I think I did a pretty good job for my first time! Drying is pretty easy, but don’t throw your sweaters in for 45 minutes of medium heat – all of mine went from size small to size extra-small (luckily they still fit!). Essentially, laundry day in summary was me paying a total of $3 to ruin my clothes HAHA.

Overall, my first laundry day 100% demonstrated my incompetence in washing clothes correctly for everyday life, but at least I can recite Planck’s constant, analyze historical visual representations, and do partial derivatives! #college 🎓

New adventures every Friday,



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