Surviving Midterm Season

Midterm season looks exactly as I’d anticipated – libraries filled with faces illuminated by the fluorescent screens of silver Macbooks, students sprawled out along grass fields studying, and classmates praying for generous curves on all of their exams.

Funnily enough, it’s not all that different from that of a high school setting during testing season – I actually think that AP testing was significantly more stressful than college midterms happening now! When it comes down to it, time management is crucial to surviving the inundation of work and studying- don’t be on your phone all the time if you can help it!

p/c Katherine Chen while I was checking my snapchats LOL

On the other hand, I’ve been consistently going out for my various activities and often meeting up with friends – with just enough 1-hour breaks in between to squeeze in a bit of time for homework. Despite the huge amounts of study time lost to activities, I still manage to keep up in my classes because college has taught me to study/learn efficiently through the following:

  1. Staying out of my dorm room (too distracting)
  2. Exploring different libraries for academic work everyday to train my adaptability to new environments
  3. Getting homework and projects done earlier; procrastination does happen, but to a manageable degree
  4. Finding a study buddy who keeps both of us focused while studying, and walks me home late at night!
  5. Knowing the campus: after 5 weeks, I know the quickest shortcuts to get from one place to another without losing as much time (every minute counts when you have back-to-back activities, classes, and work!)
  6. Going to office hours a week before a midterm so it’s not as crowded with people asking questions (everyone goes the day before or on the day of)
CalBand on Sproul shortly after my midterm preparing for Cal vs Texas!

It’s definitely been a hectic few weeks, and I have a paper due and another exam coming up in a few days! I will definitely continue blogging my adventures + thoughts every week, and as always, feel free to make any suggestions – best of luck to everyone with exams coming up! 😘


P.S. I got a full score on my first college midterm for multivariable calculus – you have no idea how ecstatic I was!! 😊


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