Clubs: To Flyer or Be Flyered

Coming into college, I heard tales about endless lines of club tables and booths in the main plaza, and horror stories of people nonstop handing out flyers to anyone who passed by. Afraid of being targeted by a passionate “Would you like to _____,” “Sign up for _______!” or “Help save _____,” I often walked as quickly as I could and avoided eye contact with these “flyer-ers” at all costs.

And so I kept this up for a while – until I joined a club and developed a passion for it too. I began doing things I never thought I would do: changing my Facebook profile picture and cover photo to my club’s latest event, spam-sharing posts, and everything else I had seen my college friends do when I was still in high school. But most importantly, I became a flyer-er, one of the people I had always tried to avoid.

“You look like you need a flyer in your life!” – me 2016

In fact, if you walked down Sproul Plaza in the morning any day this past week, you may have seen me flyering people – or maybe even you! I’m especially recognizable from my characteristic ACE-wrapped knee; it was the result of a severe sprain from an ice skating social three weeks ago that left me on crutches for a while LOL. It actually helped me flyer more efficiently because the passersby felt guilty if they ignored me 😂

Receiving about 60 rejections out of every 100 people I attempted talking to (especially on Friday because people are feeling done), I finally understood what flyer-ers had to go through – hot weather, long hours, discouraging rejections, rude characters, and more. Yet the only thing that kept me going was the fact that I loved my club and I wanted to see it succeed!!

Best part about flyering is that tables nearby sometimes hook you up with free T-shirts, free food, other cool opportunities, and new friends! There was even this one day when a huge white truck was just handing out BOXES of strawberry and coconut Outshine popsicles (the high-quality ones from Costco) nearby, and that was just the best day ever!!

I ate 5 in half an hour and gave the rest to strangers, friends, and my GSI LOL

After flyering for some time, I came up with a great flyer-pick-up line: “You look like you need a flyer in your life!” This had an approximate 80% efficiency rate in that students were more willing to pause and listen to me talk after having a good laugh 😊

So now that my flyering days are over (for now), I always accept flyers from people, sign up for things and politely listen to their speeches, if not just to have them feel better for finally getting some attention! Flyer-ers need a little love and respect too HAHA – you wouldn’t believe how sad I was when several people completely ignored me and literally ran away from me during my flyering shifts. But I was sad mostly because I was physically incapable of chasing them down.

Overall, is it to flyer, or to be flyered? My answer is both – I learned so much from the experience! On a side note, please take my flyers if you see me doing it again – much love 💕 See you next week!!



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