How To Stay Happy

Four weeks now of struggling on crutches with never-ending hills, back-to-back activities, and draining midterms – and yet despite my often exhausted state, I’m still more content than I have ever been before!

I’m happy because I do my best to be optimistic. Six-page research paper due tomorrow? At least the next assignment will only be two pages! Tore my ligament? Just an inconvenience for now…I’ll have a story to tell in the future! Three technical midterms I’m not ready for? I’ve got my friends for support, some snacks to de-stress, and fresh motivation to continue working hard if I just get through studying now!


And sometimes, it’s inevitable – I do occasionally have those annoying emotional ‘lows,’ when I do feel miserable and feel as if nothing is going the way I had initially planned. But I always manage to brave my obstacles because I know that Future Me will thank Present Me for pushing through, enduring the tough times I’m in now.

For me, staying happy is important – I had to learn this the hard way during my high school years. Find friends, if not family, for emotional support. Eat some good food, and live a little! Learn an instrument to de-stress, or watch your favorite movie again. Make time for yourself to relax and spend a little just-you time alone. Most of all, get rid of or avoid the source of unhappiness in your life.

Berkeley was rated the #1 most stressful school as of this year and probably has retained its position for many years past, which really scared me before I came to college. But then again, I thought: multitudes of students graduate and move on to bigger, better things every year – one day, I’ll be one of them too as long as I keep going. Everything will get better.

You can be happy if you choose to be, and work on not giving in to those lows. I’ve been wanting to write this blog for a long time, but I especially want to dedicate this to one of my very special friends this week!! Work hard, dream big, keep living, and stay happy 💕



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