What It’s Like Being Part of a Haunted Mansion

Two weeks of no blogs, but it feels like it’s been years! I hope everyone had a fun and festive Halloween – I spent most of my October crutching around and taking Uber around campus, while also traveling to clinics for my MRI scan and medical appointments 😞 My friends and family have all been so supportive, and I’m thankful for that – I think I’m right on time for Thanksgiving!

I spent my Halloween helping out with a haunted house event in our dormitory – and even with a bad leg, I scared the poop out of both friends and strangers as a jumpscare ghost in this borrowed costume:


As part of the behind-the-scenes for our haunted mansion, I now have even more respect for the actors and actresses that do it every year – I had to jump out screaming from my room every three minutes for each tour group that passed by for five hours from 7pm – 12am! It was interesting to see the variety of visitors:

  1. The scared-poopless…who were already screaming before entering (These were everyone’s favorites! I liked to scare these and then crawl out of my room after them to make them really freak out)
  2. The “I’m not scared”…who no one likes because they try to make a huge show of acting “brave” and lashing back out at us – in the beginning, I was sitting out by the wall of the hallway to scare passersby and many obnoxiously trampled over me or kicked me, stepping on my leg injury and making rude comments such as “you’re being dumb,” in an attempt to mask their own fear lol
  3. The drunks…which I avoided at all costs because some were belligerent or tried to enter my room (in which I hid after the first 30 minutes of being in the hallway)
  4. The train…of friends screaming nonstop and holding onto each other, which also consisted of huge guys screaming louder than the girls
  5. The swearers…that cussed in strings of words I’ve never heard together before
  6. The bored…that merely walked by and looked at everything jumping out at them with no reaction (if this is you, you’re a party pooper – please try to at least pretend to be scared because we’re making such an effort for you)

No matter what, it was still a good experience scaring people since I’m normally not a very scary person – and we celebrated with a Halloween party on Saturday! Seeing everyone else’s last-minute costumes was especially funny, like that of my friend/floormate Alex here:

“I don’t know what I am but this is my costume” – Halloween in college

The next time you go through a haunted house, remember that everyone scaring you is a person too – don’t touch them (or hurt them please) and keep in mind that it makes us happy to see you visibly scared 😊 My favorite quotes of the night were “I think I just peed myself,” “@#*$&@@*,” and “This is the best haunted house ever!!!” And finally, try to keep rude comments to yourself (unless you’re so scared you instinctively spew out cuss words, because that’s hilarious)


P.S. If you were out of the loop on why I didn’t update my blog, please like my FB page at https://www.facebook.com/melandyu/ I’ll love you forever too


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