Ultimate College Experience

College is promising myself I’ll sleep earlier tonight…and end up sleeping at 4 am again. I’ve been meeting fascinating people everyday, stressing over midterms and activities, spending all my money without realizing it, and enjoying good food with friends – who’ve pretty much become a second family away from home.

This past week was definitely like no other – chaotic riots and turbulent anger have been erupting within Berkeley from the results of the election on Tuesday, but I can only say that I did my part in voting (for the first time!) And yes, since the polling place was quite a distance away, I did spend $12 to Uber there and back home.

No more English stickers 😦 but I got Spanish and Chinese instead!!

In retrospect, I’m definitely glad I made the effort to exercise my first opportunity at voting. Funnily enough, I enjoyed the experience more so because it was a simple process and it felt familiar (as if I were taking a test), yet it was something that would result in long-term effects on our state and country. I also really wanted that “I Voted!” sticker!

On a side note about my leg recovery process, struggling around our hilly college campus isn’t all that bad. I take our really cool on-campus golf cart service “Loop” to drive me around to my classes, and I met the cutest therapy puppy along the way too!!

Calso the puppy! 💕 11.09.16

Recently, I’ve gotten even closer to the amazing people in my dorm, which I’m so grateful for! We spent all of Thursday night hanging out and just laughing at each other – singing, dancing, eating, playing pool, and overall just having the most fun in the world. Most of us stayed up past 4 am (I slept at 6 am oh no) just to talk, watch The Martian (I super recommend this movie, loved it!!), and chill in our rooms.

The next day (today!), some of us Ubered to San Francisco in the afternoon to eat dim sum in Chinatown and walk around SF, stopping by Plentea for their cute little bottles! Union Square itself presented a breathtaking sight; the gorgeous Christmas tree on display – yes, I know it’s only November – and the brilliant lights across the city brought back memories of winter nights back at home in LA.

View from The Cheesecake Factory in Macy’s 11.11.16

If I could do it all again, I definitely would in less than a heartbeat. Just this past week alone in college was more exciting than a month spent in high school – I’ve seen so many new sights and even discovered some new interests! My first semester one is one to remember – but then again, that’s just college life right now for me personally.

Thanks for reading – keep following for updates!



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