6 Rules: Matching Colors and Prints

Have trouble mixing and matching? Don’t know how to wear that favorite shirt? You’re in the right place! Here are some of my favorite color combinations, with tips to match patterns, graphic t-shirts, etc!

Keep in mind that these are just my personal suggestions! Everyone has his or her own style, but I’ve found these to generally work for anything on an everyday basis. You’ve got your own personal style, so these rules are just for consideration – you rock whatever you want to wear!

Example (1): Striped crop top (pattern) + Black jacket (solid) + Black shorts (solid)

Rule #1: What I call the Solid-Pattern-Solid rule! When wearing an article of clothing with a vivid pattern (a bright plaid / striped / print), balance it out with at least two pieces of solid, darker colors that don’t directly coincide with each other.
DON’T: have same-color clothing coincide (i.e. black top with black shorts, or red jacket with red top, etc.)

Rule #2: Match your shoe color with your top/jacket. This creates a nice balance of color coordination and makes you appear more put-together than you actually may be!
DON’T: wear pants with the same color as your shoes – it can often tend to look tacky with the rest of the outfit if the other colors are bright/vivid.

Rule #3: Throw on a brighter colored piece of clothing if the rest of your outfit consists of dark colors such as blues and blacks – i.e. one of my favorite outfits is made up of a pair of black shorts, an indigo spotted shirt, wine red/burgundy boots, and a pastel mint green crop jacket! However, that doesn’t mean just any color combination works – make sure to stick to a certain color scheme.

I like dressing down sometimes and pulling a little twist on my rules – such as this outfit that combines Rule #2 and 4!

Rule #4: If you’ve got some really wild/crazy/floral print going on, it can be in a very interesting combination with stripes! I tend to do this a lot, but it really depends on the outfit itself and how bold you want to get with your outfit ^.^

Rule #5: Graphic t-shirt? Depending on how wild you want to be, these shirts are one of those things you can usually wear with anything at all! For pants, I’d wear either solid-colored leggings or jeans, or a combination of shorts and tights. Graphic t-shirts can be worn with anything from leopard print to plain solid colors to the basic checkered/plaid button-down tied around the waist.

Same favorite floral shorts, different outfit!

Rule #6: If you still don’t know how to match a certain color/print, you can never go wrong with matching it with something black! (:

I hope these are useful for all of you who have trouble matching colors and prints – like anything else, it takes practice and experimentation to find what looks best. But at the end of the day, just wear what you feel awesome and comfortable in! Let me know in the comments below what you think, or message me on my Facebook page – see you soon 👗



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