Leg Injury? Chiropractor It Is

As you’d probably know by now, I’ve had a bunch of walking problems since September, when I first injured my knee from ice skating (I have now banned myself from that activity so as to not get triggered). Spending over $300 in less than two weeks on Uber and Lyft just to go a block or two around school wasn’t a very good option for a broke college student like me, so I ironically spent another $700 on an MRI scan and an orthopedist visit that turned out to be of no help either.

It wasn’t the ideal first semester experience, BUT good news is that I’ve finally come home for the holidays! Some super amazing friends referred me to an experienced local chiropractor – yes, it may be considered unconventional for a leg injury – but my treatments involve intense massages of pressure points in my knee, ultrasound waves, and physical therapy. After just two visits, I can walk longer distances with only a knee brace (without crutches), and have corrected my posture to what it had been before!

Watching people ice skate in SF made me just a little bit sad 😞

I’m quite tired of being injured now – I really didn’t appreciate my legs enough before. Especially after three and a half months of crutching around collecting peoples’ looks of sympathy, it was a shock when some of the security staff members at the Oakland International Airport were extremely condescending. They had placed me in a wheelchair although I didn’t really need it, and throughout the whole process I was treated as if my leg injury was simultaneously incapacitating my brain. It was not only humiliating for me in front of everyone else in line, but also made me realize how lucky I was before just to have two healthy, working legs.

Honestly as of right now, I miss being able to dance wildly with friends, wear my favorite boots (since my pageants I’ve been addicted to heels anywhere from 2 to 6+ inches LOL read my pageantry blogs to know why I love it so much), and walk and carry things by myself like a fully functional human being.

Despite all the little annoyances, I think this will definitely be a (sort of) funny story to tell people in the future – it’s already become a huge joke with friends 😂 Overall, I’m happy to be getting better, and am looking forward to being able to hike again! Of course I don’t recommend getting hurt, but if you do and need help – let me know and I’ll be your best friend đŸ™†đŸ»



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