Easy Everyday Makeup

This is the one of the most basic makeup looks I have on when I don’t feel like spending more than fifteen minutes getting ready for the day. All products I used are included in the captions under each picture, but of course any generic brands can be used for the same purpose!

1. Clean the canvas
Wash your face – any soap/face wash/exfoliator will do! I wash my face with just plain water in the morning and use an exfoliator at night before bed every day.

Face Wash/Exfoliator: Organic Surge Daily Care Perfecting Face Polish

2. Tone and cleanse (optional)
Prep your face with toner – this can be applied in a small amount either with a cotton swab or with your hands – gently swiped/dabbed onto the skin. A toner removes excess dirt/oil, shrinks your pores, and feels cool and refreshing!

3. Moisturize
Always put on some kind of facial lotion right after washing your face – makeup can dehydrate the skin, but lotion counteracts it!

Facial Lotion: Leimei Aloe Vera Moisturizing Cream

4. Protect and smooth out
Don’t forget to put on sunscreen! I use either Clinique’s Super City Block SPF 40, or Garnier BB Cream, a mixture of sunscreen, lotion and concealer. This should be applied liberally in the same method as that of lotion.

5. Conceal and brighten (optional)
I have 24/7 dark circles under my eyes because of a variety of factors – school, sleep deprivation, genetics – so I like to put concealer in an upside down L shape right under my eyes (for the amount of Ls I’ve taken this semester) and in a little flower shape between my eyebrows to brighten up those areas of my face. After concealer, I apply a nice foundation powder all over – this evens out your skin tone and prevents oily-looking skin during the day and in pictures.

6. Add lip color
A trick of mine is using chapstick or lip balm before applying any type of lipstick, lip creme, or lip crayon. This prevents chapped lips and often helps the color to stay on longer throughout the day!

7. Defining the brows
My eyebrows are already naturally dark, so I sometimes skip this step – but I trace under the arches of my brows with an eyebrow pencil to give them more definition and shape.

Eyebrow Pencil: NYX Eyebrow Pencil/Crayon in Charcoal

8. Winging the eyeliner
Yes, I wing my winged eyeliner – no little templates or taping tricks! I always use liquid over pencil or gel liners because it lasts all day without smearing (ever), and takes less than thirty seconds to apply! I’ll specify in a following blog how I do my eyeliner 😊

And that wraps up my easy everyday makeup! All products used are listed in the pictures’ captions above. Let me know if there are any questions or clarifications, and since this was my first makeup blog, I’m always open to suggestions and comments. Makeup is an art that takes time and practice, but I hope this helps!

-Melanie 💕


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