Why I Quit a Club I Loved

Last semester as an inexperienced college freshman bursting with enthusiasm, I applied and was selected to join one of the largest business organizations on campus! Going into the club, I intended to hone my speaking abilities and marketing strategies, as well as enhance my overall college experience.

I found another tiny family in the form of my own committee, and the arduous journey we endured in pursuit of improving the club and developing ourselves only made us closer friends. I fell in love with everything that we did – professional development workshops, semi-annual networking dinners, hilariously hosted general meetings, and more. I thought I would continue being involved for at least three more semesters, until I realized toward the end that although I loved the club and all that it did, it just wasn’t the right club for me.

A touch of winter and a sprinkle of Mel ❄️

Studying business and computer science, I gradually became aware of the fact that my interests lie not only with nontechnical concepts, but with a more technical field as well. The idea of creating and implementing my own innovations (web and mobile development, computer programming languages, software and hardware, etc) engage and motivate me to constantly be learning and strengthening my abilities.

Yet this isn’t to say that I am no longer interested in business – nearly everything is run by some type of business. I still feel that substantial knowledge of accounting, finance, consulting, and marketing is imperative to understanding economic data, becoming an adult, and paying taxes! I quit a club I loved because when I initially joined, it forced me to go out and expand my comfort zone; going back would only be maintaining that level of comfort and would simply not be challenging enough.

Not plain, plane views of LA (please love my pun)

This new year, I have discovered that I subsist on consistently learning new concepts and practical ideas. I have taken a step toward distinguishing myself as a businesswoman in the tech industry in applying for technical positions in other activities, and hope that as time progresses, my spirit and love for learning in these organizations will only grow.

See you all next week!



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