6 Freshman Things You Learn in Spring

One crazy semester of learning all things business, attending wild socials, and studying more than sleeping later, I’ve emerged anew as a more sophisticated (and experienced) second-semester college freshman. The number of great friends I’ve made (you know who you are ❤️) have taught me so much about living life away from home, and adapted me to the norms of a typical college social life:

1. It’s easier to make friends in the fall
In the fall, everyone’s desperate to find friends – but come spring, most people have already established friend groups to settle down and hang out with more often. While not impossible to make new friends, you’ll still find yourself calling the girl you met in that Korean literature class last semester to meet up for dinner, or bearing the rain to visit the best friend you met at a conference last August!

2. But it’s ok because those fall friends are also the real friends
Even if you don’t make as many friends in the spring as you did in the fall, the real friends always will stick around and be thinking of you! You will all consistently make an effort to meet up now and then, even after that shared class/club/sorority/fraternity/activity is done.

Exploring mechanical engineering ✌🏻

3. All your friends (and/or you!) will start dating
It’s the dorm life – everyone living, eating, and working together in close proximity makes dating so much easier! Who knows, maybe you’re next 😏

4. Everyone’s busier in the spring
People have gotten their 💩 together and figured out their interests, in addition to what activities they want to be involved in. So in the spring, it’s almost as if no one has time to hang out anymore.


5. Don’t forget about housing
No more university-guaranteed housing next school year! If you don’t have close friends, it’ll be even more difficult to move out. Start looking for housing early! The house hunt will begin by mid January, and everyone will want that $700/month tiny apartment you’re looking at too. Luckily for me, I’ll be staying in the same dorm for the next few years!

6. Your lifespan will appear to be cut short by 10 years
With fewer breaks and long weekends, it’ll seem as if you’re only trying to meet deadlines all semester long. Midterms one after another, projects you haven’t started due in two days, and postponed hangouts with friends all the time 😔 (Let’s not even get started on March Madness.)

Other than all the new things you have to worry about (like internships), by the second half of the year you’ll at least know what you want to do in terms of activities and clubs! Good luck freshies 😊



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