Date Ideas for Students on a Budget

I think the title more or less explains itself, so I’ll keep this blog short and sweet!


For the lazy:

  1. Stay in and binge watch TV shows and/or movies
  2. Play computer/video games together
  3. Have food delivered and lounge in bed
  4. Cuddle and play a board game
  5. Do YouTube karaoke!

For the spontaneous:

  1. Take an Uber to the nearest city/beach in the middle of the night to just hang out
  2. Hike up to an area with a nice view (nice view = your date) and have a picnic
  3. Crash a party, grab late night food, and spend the rest of the day/night watching a movie

For the academically obsessed:

  1. Do homework together at the library
  2. Plan class projects together at the library
  3. Go to the library
  4. Visit more libraries

For the inseparable:

  1. Breathe the same air
  2. Eat the same food
  3. Finish each other’s sentences
  4. Gross out friends with PDA

Go out and have some fun with that soulmate! ❤️



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