[FAQ #3] Majoring in Econ/Pre-Haas/CS

Yay it’s FAQ #3 – questions about double majoring, economics, the Pre-Haas track, and computer science! Here are the links to FAQ #1 and FAQ #2.

Can I change my major in L&S if I came in as Major A but want to change to Major B?
So when you apply as a certain major in L&S and get accepted, you’re only accepted to the college and are technically coming in as undeclared, as you’ll later see on your online CalCentral dashboard in ‘Academics.’ Coming into Berkeley, you can tailor your own classes toward the major that you want to declare, and can “change your major“ to anything in the entire college of L&S until the end of sophomore year, which is around the time that you submit your official application to declare your specific major. This is generally true for the College of L&S, but if you’re in any other college, such as the College of Engineering or College of Chemistry, the rules are a little different.

Is doing a computer science (CS) minor with Haas easier but still provide a decent CS background?
You’d have a decent CS background even without minoring in CS if you take the most important core classes such as CS61A, CS61B, and maybe CS61C. I’d think that doing a CS minor is just as rigorous as a CS major in the beginning because you still need to complete all of the most difficult beginning core classes anyway.

Pi Day at the office! Thank you Carlos 🍽

How are the club and job opportunities at Berkeley?
Opportunities definitely are competitive at Cal – even a lot of the CS clubs and activities here require some technical knowledge to apply and join, but internships shouldn’t be too hard for you to get the following summer as an EECS or CS major! Startups love to get Berkeley students, and big companies also look at your other personal projects/qualifications if you want to work for them.

What is the EECS/CS workload like?
Since I’m not EECS, don’t 100% trust me on this, but I’d say that CS student workloads are similar to that of EECS workloads in some ways. As a CS student in the College of L&S, you will find it a little easier in your freshman year if you finish off some breadth courses first, such as your R&C requirement, history breadth, life science breadth, etc. For EECS, it’s a little different – they have different requirements specific to the College of Engineering and do not need to do the L&S Seven-Breadth Requirement. No matter what though, you’re definitely looking at a lot of technicals in either major and therefore at least 10 hours of work a week depending on how many and what classes you’re taking!

Can you double-major in computer science and Haas/Econ?
To double major in the two is possible, but it’s difficult and definitely a lot of work. For me personally, I came into college with most of my basic requirements fulfilled, so I can take other classes and get a little bit more ahead. However, I still may need to spend a summer taking classes in the future if I want to double major. It all comes down to which requirements you’ve fulfilled, how much you want to pursue this double major, and whether you’ll be able to handle the workload. As one of the many advisors I’ve talked with told me, “You probably won’t have a life.” (lol)

As always, FAQs are always consistently updated whenever there are new questions. Keep checking back and see you soon!

-Melanie 🙌🏻


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