[FAQ #4]: Clubs at Berkeley

People have asked me about how difficult it is to join and/or maintain activities and clubs at Berkeley, so here’s FAQ#4! If you need to find FAQ #1-3 and the RFAQ, here are the links to those: FAQ #1 | FAQ #2 | FAQ #3 | RFAQ

Is there a list of all the activities and organizations available at Berkeley?
Yup! Here you go: https://goo.gl/DGbRJ7

How do you do so many activities and have a job and internships at the same time?
It’s mostly because I led 5+ clubs all at the same time during high school, so coming to college I was already pretty accustomed to the workload and constant pressure to do this or that. While it can be difficult at times, it’s all about how well you manage your time! You’ll realize in college how much you appreciate even 5 minutes in your schedule. It’s also how well you can manage your activities and how much effort you want to put into them!

Which clubs will help me get accepted to Haas?
Being accepted into Haas doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with business clubs you’re in! The Haas School of Business reviews your application holistically and looks at what type of person you are based on what you’ve been doing during your time at Berkeley, and whether they believe you fit the culture of Haas. I join clubs and activities not because I want something that looks pretty on an application, but because I want the skills that they’ll teach me and whether they’ll help me in my future career. Remember that being accepted to Haas would be great, but you can do amazing even if you aren’t accepted because being a student at Berkeley is already an enormous feat of its own.

Stopped by the FoodInno booth on Cal Day 2017!

How do we join clubs at Berkeley?
For more serious academic/major clubs, there is always an application and interview process with a fee. Even for some service organizations or recreational clubs, there is usually still an application process and a fee to join. You’ll actually find that it’s overall significantly different from that of the club application process in high school! Many clubs also allow you to jump into an “externship/internship” role, or some type of leadership position upon joining. Although it may sound intimidating, there’s nothing to worry about in terms of joining clubs, because you will definitely find something to join even if you’re rejected from another club.

Is it difficult to be accepted into STEM or academic fraternities?
Any STEM clubs/business clubs/academic fraternities often are known as very competitive, but I’ve had no trouble being accepted to the ones I’ve wanted each semester. Overall, that’s a harder thing to recommend – I’d ask you to think about what you see yourself doing in the future, because you should target the clubs/organizations that will help you develop the skills and experience you want and need for your future career. I like to think that whereas high school clubs help you to mature and get into college, college clubs help you to prepare for the workforce in the real world.

This was FAQ #4 – keep the questions coming and keep checking back for updates!



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