Dinner with the Chancellor!

As you (hopefully) may know, Carol Christ will become UC Berkeley’s 11th official Chancellor this July, and will be the first woman to do so! This past Monday, I was honored to sit with her and two other vice chancellors over a delicious dinner of spaghetti and garlic bread to discuss our future careers and aspirations.

My dormmate and super cool friend Chanan had invited her to come to our dorm to eat with us and host a fireside chat shortly afterward, and I was lucky enough to be one of the few to sit with her at dinner. It was so exciting to meet such a talented and accomplished woman, writer, and scholar – in fact, she told me that she was thinking about starting a blog too! Although I was unable to attend the fireside chat with everybody afterward, the dinner itself was still a cool experience – one that transitioned from a casual chat about favorite books to a zealous discussion of Berkeley protests and political figures. 🤐

5.01.17 Picture with incoming Chancellor Carol T. Christ! 💁🏻

Naturally, everybody was especially anxious about looking as professional as possible in order to network with the future chancellor of UC Berkeley (although highly unlikely, I hope she remembers us individually)! I actually had completely forgotten that she was coming to visit, so I went down to the dining hall wearing the faux turtleneck crop top and ‘skorts’ I had been wearing all day, whereas many people were looking spiffy in suits, dresses, and tuxedos (please forgive me LOL).

But overall in summary, COOLEST START TO DEAD WEEK EVER! Thank you Chancellor Christ for coming to visit, and thank you Chanan for arranging everything – you’re the best! Later this week, I also had a sushi-making event with friends in my dorm so check that out here. See you next Friday 💞



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