Quizlet and Sushi-Making 🍣

With dead week coming to a close, it was time to present the final deliverable of our team’s consulting project to Quizlet at its San Francisco headquarters. Braving the wintry morning air and random bumps with strangers along the way, I raced to the BART station and down the streets of SF to get to the office on time with my team.

The final deliverable went very smoothly, and I was especially enthused to see Quizlet actually implementing our recommendations a few days later! This project with Quizlet brought my team together over the course of the semester, and I have gained so much more experience and knowledge in marketing and technology. Thank you to the most amazing team members Sophia, Sean, Karthik, Tiffany, Essie, Stacy, and most of all Katie, for supporting and guiding all of us throughout this semester-long project – it was definitely one of the highlights of my first year at Berkeley!

5.05.17 Me being extra by perching upon the edge of the Quizlet couch

Later that day, our dorm’s really cool kitchen staff organized a small sushi-making activity, buying sets of chopsticks, sushi mats, seaweed, tuna, and a variety of vegetables for us to put together our own sushi rolls! Although a majority of the ingredients weren’t to make traditional Japanese sushi (green, red, and yellow bell peppers, avocadoes, ham, kimchi, wakame salad, carrots, cucumbers and tuna because the chefs had a limited budget), I had fun creating these unconventional, colorful little rolls!

I had much more fun making them than I did eating them – I gave them away afterward because I just wanted to spend time with my friends and take a break away from studying during dead week. This was probably the coolest dead week ever; I not only sat down to eat dinner with the incoming UC Berkeley Chancellor, but also presented to Quizlet and made a bunch of sushi! I’m absolutely loving it at college – for now, see you next week!



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