To Graduating HS Seniors!

I just realized I never wrote about my graduation from Glen A. Wilson High School, and I suppose it’d be a nice time to write about it now on its one-year anniversary! Graduation is basically waiting for cues to sit and stand by following everyone else around you, and if your last name ends with a letter after T (like mine, which is “Yu”), good luck trying not to fall asleep! In fact, the crowd cheered the loudest when we finally got to the Y’s and Z’s, because it meant we were finally about to go home 😅

Since our graduation was also going to be themed for our school’s 50th Anniversary, the girls were to wear gold (arguably yellow) and boys were to wear maroon, whereas every year prior had all worn only maroon. You can only imagine all of the Twitter drama that ensued from this – there was a surge of new Twitter accounts from our class that year to join in on the conversations about the cap and gown colors LOL. Although I wasn’t super loving the yellow myself either, it doesn’t matter much at all now – the ceremony was a great day to look back on, and I managed to make the color work for me somehow!

13247766_10205579954332258_5523569913386851448_oA funny thing about graduation though – phones weren’t allowed! Of course, friends who snuck in their phones anyway were smart about it by sticking it in places no administrator would dare search or reach (if you know what I mean) but I was too scared to risk something like that. On the other hand, it really got me talking to and bonding with the people around me though! It was surprising to see how big my senior class was, that I actually had not even met everyone in the span of my four years there.

It was especially hard to find friends to take pictures with afterward, because the entire field is absolutely filled with every graduate wandering around, drowning in crowds of frantic relatives and best friends from other schools, and waddling around on the uneven grass looking for restrooms. (Remember that a majority of us also don’t have our phones to let our 450+ families and friends know where we are!)

After locating family and friends, the field became a hubbub of people holding oversized bouquets (aka me) and the cap gave me really mad hat hair. Although the entire ceremony was an entire mess of boring, chaotic, sentimental, and exciting, it was definitely a night to remember.

13320569_10205616856854798_8214940940138226485_o.jpgBut this wasn’t the last of it! I still had to go back to school a few days later to receive a few district academic plaques, my district identification photos (which was super cool – it was a stamp card with a picture of me in every grade leading up to senior year, starting from kindergarten!), some other certificates, and my actual paper diploma.

Graduation day was the last time I was able to see and talk to some of my favorite teachers (I even glimpsed my fave elementary school teacher Mr. Tang in the audience for a brief moment!!), but overall it was the best last day of high school yet. I’m definitely going to go back to each of my elementary, middle, and high schools to visit someday when my knee’s in a better condition and time permits it, but for now I’d just like to say to all of this year’s graduating class and every year following, GOOD LUCK! I wish you all my best wishes on all your endeavors in college or whatever you may choose to do afterward, and congratulations on finally getting through all of it. 🎓



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