Why Do I Blog?

Mel&Yu started sometime toward the end of my junior year in high school – I didn’t know what to call my blog and didn’t really know what to write on the site either. I meant for the name “Mel&Yu,” to be temporary, but I guess it stuck! It’s inspired from “Mel and you the reader” but with “you” replaced with “Yu,” my last name (HAHA laugh with me please).

This site was originally completely drab in design, and it took me a full year to realize that writing fantasy/fiction stories online really wasn’t going to cut it for me; I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as just writing about my personal stories and adventures at school and in life! I began writing about my past beauty pageants, my Taiwanese family background, the scariness of Berkeley politics, and my cute baby turtles (who are now gigantic food monsters the size of my head).

FullSizeRender 3
Posing at Quizlet HQ with this cute bookshelf 📚

Blogging about life events challenges me to reflect upon my experiences and learn something new every time. Whether it’s washing laundry myself for the first time, or presenting a huge project to Quizlet in San Francisco, there’s always more knowledge that I can acquire and more adult things that I can learn to do myself. Being News Editor in journalism during high school made me reevaluate my outlook on life and school, and nudged me toward a love for writing – which is why I continue to blog now!

Another reason for Mel&Yu is because I absolutely LOVE taking pictures and sharing them with everyone! If you personally know me or have just seen my obnoxiously shameless advertising of Mel&Yu on my Facebook or other social media sites, I encourage more viewership because I also want to share my stories with incoming college students at not just Berkeley, but any college in general.

FullSizeRender 4
5.01.17 Maxine’s Room 410

Whereas I had to learn everything the hard way, others can read my blogs to be more mentally prepared of what’s to come in life! Students can learn from what I learn, or relate to all the obstacles I encounter – like forgetting to put detergent into the washer before starting the machine. It just excites me to see a new like on my Facebook page when I wake up in the morning, or consistent viewers from all around the world on Mel&Yu everyday.

I hope that Mel&Yu can someday be the blog that people read when bored on the toilet or the first site people go to every morning in bed – I would love for Mel&Yu to not be a red spelling error in Microsoft Word or a “Did you mean: ” Google result anymore. (Or is that too much to ask?) But most of all, I want to always keep Mel&Yu as an online public record of my experiences and my life, and hope that people love reading it as much as I love writing it! 💕

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