[RFAQ] First Semester Classes

So what’s an “RFAQ”? I made it up! 😄 It stands for “Resources for Frequently Asked Questions,” since there are so many people who don’t know where to find the answers to their questions. These are all of the links to the sites I found when I wanted to figure out what Berkeley classes I had to take, and whether I wanted to major in CS and/or apply to Haas. I’ve included links for all majors, as well as specific extra links for CS/EECS and Pre-Haas majors!

Previous FAQs: FAQ #1FAQ #2FAQ #3FAQ #4

For All Majors

To see how many units each of your AP tests will give you: https://goo.gl/Ih2E6z

To see the full schedule of classes and final exam schedule (updated regularly): https://goo.gl/w965am

To see which of your college credits transfer to UC Berkeley: https://goo.gl/O7ksY2

To schedule an appointment with an L&S adviser if you still have no idea what you’re doing (do it 2 weeks in advance): https://goo.gl/c3nB7g

For CS/EECS Majors

For everything you need on the CS major: https://goo.gl/lFU1CA

For everything you need on the EECS major: https://goo.gl/njdlfz

To compare the two majors and see how they’re different: https://goo.gl/0hpGHY

For Pre-Haas Majors:

To figure out what Haas pre-requisites you’ve tested out of: https://goo.gl/E8CWNy

To see what pre-requisites you need to apply to Haas: https://goo.gl/XzNUXJ

For a list of UGBA (Principles of Business) classes given through the Haas School of Business ***NOTE: Only relevant for you to determine if you want to learn this material if accepted into Haas later on: https://goo.gl/trgNCr

At the LinkedIn office in San Francisco! P/C Sean Lee 😊

Once you’ve determined which classes you’ve tested out of and what classes you still need to take, here are the links for helping you choose those classes! I’d recommend choosing a bunch of backup classes as well, just in case you don’t get into the classes you want (which is always a possibility). In my personal experience, I chose 4 backup breadth classes in case I didn’t get the one I wanted, and still didn’t get any of my backup classes – I ended up choosing a last-minute course instead!

Choosing Classes and Activities

To choose a math course for your first semester: https://goo.gl/XV9zgS

To check class difficulty, see what classes are being offered and enrollment history, and discover basically everything you want to know about a class: https://goo.gl/QainlE

To see what people are (or aren’t) saying about a particular professor: https://goo.gl/KuSngC

To find out what activities you want to join in addition to your classes, here’s the link to ALL of the activities available at Berkeley: https://goo.gl/DGbRJ7

And although less common, I know there are students who’d like to change colleges – and for that here are the links to those!

Changing Colleges

Changing to College of Engineering (CoE): https://goo.gl/Qi6V0I **NOTE: Practically impossible but hats off to you if you manage to do it!**

Changing to College of Letters & Science (L&S): https://goo.gl/Qn05Tp

Changing to College of Chemistry (CoC): https://goo.gl/NH17ev

Changing to College of Natural Resources (CNR): https://goo.gl/ID58qx

In general, I’d recommend taking no more than 16 units your first semester (I had 16 units, a job, two ASUC internships, and a business club for reference). It all comes down to what you’d like to major in but to ease yourself into the Berkeley courseload, try to fulfill all of your math and R&C requirements before your second year, and take 1-2 breadth courses your first semester!

Hope all of this helps and keep asking questions – I release blogs every Friday (and occasionally extra blogs on Saturday), so see you next week! 😊

-Melanie ❤️



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